THE LEADING EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM PROVIDER IN ETHIOPIA We are the leading Educational Technology provider in Ethiopia, we provide software, hardware, contents and more ...
Simple and powerful Educational Technologies We are producing simple and powerful products that will not bring a burden to educators and students.
SUPPORTING EDUCATION THROUGH DIGITALIZATION We are providing digital learning tools in educational institutions to inspire and make students more motivated to learn and improve education quality
ICT is viewed as a “major tool for building knowledge societies” (UNESCO 2003 ) and, particularly, as a mechanism at the school education level that could provide a way to rethink and redesign the educational systems and processes, thus leading to quality education for all
Whether you are involved in a formal or non-formal education system, here we are to support you to learn any time anywhere. We are offline digital educational resource experts, to give you access to the resource without the need for internet.
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Wired and wireless network are very important for the digital resource to be accessed by all digital device users. Hence the school digital solution we are providing has integrated all the required solution, such as Networking the school compound in wireless


Technology is the Means, Not the Mission" Harvard.... "Everything we do in the SupEd Program is grounded in teaching and learning. we choose the medium or technology that delivers the most effective learning experience for our specific goal." No need for Internet, or Infrastructure such as Electric grid, telecommunication line...etc, we are working on school compound Intranet, offline Library systems and solar energy solution. Our solution is to everyone leaving anywhere in the Glob. This solution bridge the digital Gap with out information overload.


Professor Craig Wilson

Professor Craig Wilson

Director, UAB Sparkman Center
Mulugeta Assefa

Mulugeta Assefa

Bizuneh Takele

Bizuneh Takele

Education Program Manager
Abinet Seife

Abinet Seife

Chief Technology Officer
Henok Tesfaye

Henok Tesfaye

Software Engineer
Selamawit Tekleyared

Selamawit Tekleyared

Office Administrator


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Professor Craig Wilson Director, UAB Sparkman Center

This is a milestone, and it is a starting point not the end goal. It is a significant milestone to our goal of addressing the challenge of lack of text book and internet. I am not going to talk about the hard ware, the server, the network, the router and the access point. The milestone is about the software, without software, digitized resources and content... Show More

    we wouldn’t be having discussion of optimal hardware. You can use any hardware, but without content you go nowhere. As an example this is the digitized content that you can use on the “Cloud” project. But instead of using wired internet, we connected the server with the wireless access point in the school. Hence all servers in the schools are replicates of the cloud, from which all students can access content through wireless access point.

Mr.Nigussie Beyene Head MInister Bureau, Ministry of Education, Ethiopia

It is time for technology. There are different alternatives, but too expensive to reach all within a short time. As we all know we have many students, they are in millions. But this is one of the better alternatives and I advise the beneficiaries to use this solution effectively. We believe it has already created a good opportunity to improve the quality of education in general and your academic... Show More

    achievement in particular. We appreciate the effort made by educational bureaus and respective school management in implementing the pilot project that we expect to benefit all based on close follow up and evaluation. MOE is making a lot of effort in supporting education through technology. One of them is the Clouding System we are implementing in 300 schools. But this one is the best alternative to reach most of our students as an affordable cost. The project will also motivate self-learning, and students will not always depend on their teachers. They can assist themselves through this available content anywhere any time. Students now have abundant and up-to-date resources in their hands. They can come to class with more information and raise many questions, which also motivates teachers. Hence teachers should update themselves more than before and work harder to answer questions and direct students. We expect more from teachers.
    If we are organized and work hand in hand, this opportunity that is being implemented in the Burayou and Chacha schools, will reach other schools. MOE will work with development partners and regional education bureaus and find a way to reach many other schools. We therefore advise the beneficiaries, to use the resource properly and improve their achievements, and to be exemplary to others.

Mr. Berhanu Moreda Geenral Education Minister Advisor, Ministry of Education, Ethiopia

Though there are a lot of challenges in adopting new technology easily as it requires continuous discussion with stakeholders, we will organize meetings and initiate discussions with educational bureau and respective departments of Ministry of Education and development partners, to see the way forward....Show More

    We will work hard on it and we want to adopt and find a way to reach other schools with these resources. This resource should not only be used for Burayou students as each of you has friends and neighbors from other schools. It should be shared, and more users should benefit. We expect one Tablet to be used by more than four other students from other schools, and shortly will become a resource of the community.

Mr. Elias Girma Ministry of Education, Ethiopia

We believe that this project supplements the effort made by the MOE for some time in last years, in the improvement of quality of education especially through implementing the technology. This project helps in reaching schools in this regard. Based on the evaluation result of the two pilot sites, we consider this technology to be ... Show More

    introduced to all schools in the country through MOE leading roll, in organizing all stakeholders. I want to thank you all stakeholders and regional bureau and schools who participated in these efforts.

Mr. Samuel Asnake UNESCO Ethiopia Office Education Program Coordinator

UNESCO’s motto is humanity and peace. In this case, we are always advocating for peaceful, inclusive and learning society. We found such technology, equalizer, to make between urban and rural, out of school children and formal school learners, and adults. We found this technology helpful to help the society to move together ... Show More

    The second point is, while technology helps to learn anywhere any time, we need parents to help their children, and children help their parents. As a UNESCO, as a point of cultural integration, we advocate for intergenerational learning. Families who are actively participating in their children learning, particularly in girl’s education and their children achievement, and also to have basic cultural, educational and economic points, we are looking for a technology that binds generations. Having this technology alone may not by itself bring sustainability. We have to have a consortium of activities practices. As UNESCO, education have five elements. Context, content, materials, method, assessment and the resource person that moves everything in coherent. Human training in this case will come to a very important point with this technology.



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