SeP Ethiopia: May 2017 Update

The collaborations with Support Education and the Ethiopian Ministry of Education continued to develop and a delivery model using only tablets containing complete content for each grade was tested further at Burayu Secondary and Preparatory School and at a new placement at Chacha Secondary and Preparatory School in Amhara state. Dr. Wilson made visits to each school to get feedback and discuss further plans with local leadership. We hope to have tablets for all students in grades 9-12 available for the new school year starting in September 2017 at both Burayu and Chacha.


Burayu IT leadershipDr. Craig Wilson pictured with Burayu IT leadership for the Burayu deployment. Pictured left to right: Abinet Seife , Girma and Ali Mume (Burayu IT and Computer Instructors), Dr. Craig Wilson and Mulugeta Assefa (Project Leader SupEd)



Burayu indoorsDr. Craig Wilson talking with students at the Burayu Secondary and Preparatory School. Pictured standing from left to right: Mulugeta Assefa, Dr. Craig Wilson and Mr. Mekuria (Principal Burayu Secondary and Preparatory School)

Burayu girlsPictured: Burayu students exploring the new tablets


Chacha leadPictured among students: Mr Tsagaye (Chacha Principal, light suit), Henok Tesfaye (blue sweater, Supp Ed system developer), Dr. Craig Wilson and Mr. Miliard (right of Dr. Wilson)

Chacha all studentsPreparatory School (turquoise) and Secondary School (purple) students with tablets. In the middle: Dr. Craig Wilson, Mulugeta Assefa (kneeling) and Mr. Miliard (behind Dr. Wilson), Chacha school board.

Chacha sign

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