Sparkman eLearning Project: Ethiopia

Support of eL activities in Ethiopia began in 2013 when Dr. Wilson began working with Addis Ababa University as part of the Medical Education Partnership Initiative. Trainings were needed for donated eG units and these were done by Lukonga Lindunda from BongoHive, Zambia.  Subsequently, SCGH Dr. Wilson met an eL associate, Mulugeta Assefa who was already involved with a USAID Girls Can Code project. Mr. Assefa supported the eG installations in four medical colleges involved in the MEPI project.

As the work in Zambia progressed in early 2016, the Ministries of Health and Education of Ethiopia each expressed interest in supporting dissemination of any e-learning tools and platforms that could be developed. With this in mind, Mr. Mwewa and Mwanza from BongoHive, Zambia traveled to Ethiopia in March 2016 and trained Ethiopian programmers on the development of the new Ubuntu-based framework.

With these developing set of projects, a new NGO named Support Education (Support Education) was formed in Ethiopia to carry out these activities under the leadership of Mr. Assefa.

Ethiopia MoE New WEbsiteMeeting at the Ministry of Education (MoE) for planning of dissemination of education tools into Secondary Schools with Mulugeta Asefa (Support Education), Dr. Negussie Beyene Belew (Head Minister’s Bureau, MoE) and Dr. Craig Wilson

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education (MoE) in early 2016 for the development of a resource for Secondary Schools in Ethiopia. MoE agreed to turn over all of their resources for grades 9-12 including textbooks, lecture videos and all other complimentary resources so they could be organized by grade, curriculum and ultimately syllabus on the Ubuntu-based framework. These full resources will then be supplemented with eG based resources and loaded for delivery onto appropriate servers and hard drives for use in secondary schools. The delivery concept is the same as that for eL and is based on web based content delivered on a LAN. In this case we will be using 7 inch tablets for the end user platform. SCGH has agreed to provide support for this resource development and a pilot project which will be initiated in October 2016 in Burayu Secondary and Preparatory School in Burayu, Oromia state (Burayu Secondary and Prepartory School) just outside of Addis Ababa. Once this platform and pilot is assessed, further plans will be made for more rural dissemination. Overall plan is for dissemination to all 3800 secondary schools.

A similar MOU was signed with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health (MoH) in early 2016 for the development of a resource around the curriculum for training doctors (MBChB). The first phase is for setting the full medical curriculum into the Ubuntu-based framework and uploading all available textbooks for dissemination to all 24 medical schools. This framework was completed in early September 2016 with plans for training in late September. The MoH is providing servers for all schools without them and had previously purchased 2200 tablets for use by the medical students. The second phase of this project will be continuing to develop materials to the level of Moodle for actual course organization and presentation. This is expected to be an ongoing project for the next 12 months.



Burayu Senior Secondary and Prepartory School pilot program meetingDr. Wilson met with local and regional leadership at the Burayu Secondary and Preparatory School. Burayu will be the site for the Ubuntu based pilot program mentioned above

Burayu Grp 2Dr. Craig Wilson was presented with an Oromia outfit

.Burayu 3

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