Education is the foundation for all development endeavors. In this global era where technology
is at the center of all government, private and social fabrics, adopting this technology as a
solution to current problem and integrating ICT into the education sector is essential.
The technology creates a conducive learning environment in which the student regardless of
geographic location, and family background avails his/her self to current and relevant subject
content in a professional manner, fostering the concept of life-long learning and leading by
setting examples of high standard. The question today is how best, given the new technologies
available to us, educators can accomplish these goals (UNESCO, 2003).
The technology also helps the educators and school personnel to successfully accomplish their
objectives through availing the curriculum content (including textbooks and curriculum based video
tutorials (Plasma TV lectures), reference materials, interactive resources etc.), narrowing the digital gap
between urban and rural based students and ensures timely availability of the resources irrespective of
location. The system and resources have the potential to motivate students and enhance their reading
habits, improve teacher-student and student-student relationships and interactions, reduces the load of
carrying textbooks, and reduce the cost of textbook printing and transportation. Collectively it also
makes students competitive both nationally and internationally. Another advantage of using the
digitized content is that it contributes to a digital society by supplying qualified and prepared students to higher education institutions and to the world of work. Many comments were also made on how this
system could be used for community and family education programs. Therefore, it was strongly
suggested that the esteemed MOE and all the stakeholders promote and scale up this technology in all
formal and non-formal learning settings in Ethiopia. Development partners and other concerned
partners should avail their support to the government of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia in the
scaling of ICT delivery in formal and non-formal learning at all levels.

click here to view “The full proceeding of official Milestone Nov 14 to16 2017

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