About Us

Support Education (SupEd) is pioneer in localizing a digital content based on the existing curriculum of the countries educational system. Through our well experienced professionals in the field of software development, education, networking and management, we have delivered the applications that benefits all high school, preparatory and university educational community.
Our motivation
The basic concepts which drove the development of the localized digital content, were the broad lack of availability of textbooks and reference materials, for many students as well as the general lack of access and/or expense of internet in the country. These digital gap was to be bridged through introducing the offline digital library, that can help teachers and students, in schools, irrespective of their location and distance from the cities.

Localized digital system
Though the available off-line digital library system was very helpful, it was not readily adaptable to local curriculum already developed in the country. Our idea was to develop a base program for uploading local content organized around available curriculum and resources for dissemination through off line systems.
In collaboration with University of Alabama at Birmingham, and agreement made between Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ministry of Health (MoH), we are working on supporting the education system through digitalization and delivering well organized and easily accessible web based offline digital library system

Our experience
eGranary offline digital library:- We have been working for the last Eight years, on introducing, installation and training of an offline digital library called eGranary. It was developed by the widernet project affiliated with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. with its more than 30 million of educational resources, eGranary was installed in Universities, Schools, and Public Libraries ( in collaboration with US Embassy) , and enabled users to have access to digital resources.
WCE (World computer exchange):- As it is well understood that, digital content without digital devices, are not possible to be implemented. In collaboration with US based company, WCE, we have been working for the last three years, to benefit educational institutions, through facilitating the availability of refurbished computers, laptops, and different digital devices, so that the digital library would be accessible to users.
GCC (Girls Can Code project):- By the initiative of US Embassy Ethiopia, we have trained girls from 10 public schools, all from grade 11, on different basic programming language skills. The aim of this project was, to motivate girl students to join STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects in Universities.