Ministry of Education (MoE) and University of Alabama at Birmingham Sparkman Center For Global Health (UAB-SCGH) signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) early in 2016 to develop a software and digitize the curriculum content of all MOE curriculum resources for Secondary and Preparatory Schools (Grades 9-12) including textbooks and recorded video lectures in a format allowing local delivery. UAB-SCGH together with local company, Support Education (SupEd) and a software company from Zambia have worked on the development since then…….”

UNESCO’s motto is humanity and peace. In   this case, we are always advocating for peaceful, inclusive and learning   society. We found such technology, equalizer, to make between urban and   rural, out of school children and formal school learners, and adults. We   found this technology helpful to help the society to move together. The   second point is, while technology helps to learn anywhere any time, we need   parents to help their children, and children help their parents. As a UNESCO,   as a point of cultural integration, we advocate for intergenerational   learning. Families who are actively participating in their children learning,   particularly in girl’s education and their children achievement, and also to   have basic cultural, educational and economic points, we are looking for a   technology that binds generations. Having this technology alone may not by   itself bring sustainability. We have to have a consortium of activities   practices.

As UNESCO, education have five elements. Context,   content, materials, method, assessment and the resource person that moves   everything in coherent. Human training in this case will come to a very   important point with this technology.” (

Mr. Samuel Asnake

UNESCO Ethiopia Office Education Program Coordinator  )

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