Educational Apps

Educational Applications are intended to support educational community to access useful digital resources which are related to their course of study, lesson or interest. through this apps users can improve their interaction with digital world, and at the same time improve their knowledge related to their field of interest.

Though there are a lot of educational apps in the web, we have developed different web applications and  localized the contents, so that, curricular materials are available in a way that it can easily be accessible through different technology, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and other digital devices.

Sparked Edu Web App.

This offline web based application is prepared based on a given curricular content of educational systems, though it can be adopted to any other Education system. This application is organized and made suitable to be accessed using wired and wireless devices in the school compound, so that educational community can access this digital resource using through their  devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers etc…

You can see the demo applications here below for Sparked Edu Web Apps.

High School Web App

This application is designed and developed for Ethiopian High School Education curriculum.

Higher Education preparatory school.

Higher Education preparatory school educational application is designed and developed for Ethiopian Higher Education preparatory Education system curriculum.

ParkEd tablet

This is a preloaded tablet device provided by SupEd to students and teachers in which they can access all education curriculum materials and much more, to work on both in the school and at home. The tablets also contain varieties of educational simulations, interactive tests, reference material and other applications.