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Internship Description – Content Development

I. Details

     1.Title of Internship

     Content Development Internship


     Lafto, Addis Ababa

   3.Full or Part-Time

     This is a FULL-TIME internship position

   4.Duration of the Internship

     The internship is to be for 6 hours a day for 3 days a week


This is an UNPAID internship but STIPEND/TRANSPORTATION ALLOWANCE at the rate of 30 ETB per day will be provided. This will be 360 ETB for Transportation.

II. Description

Support Education (SupEd PLC ) is an Ethiopian private company that focuses on introducing “Technology-assisted Education System” in Ethiopia and other countries in Africa. SupEd has long experience in providing schools and universities with offline digital resources. Since 2009, SupEd has been deploying the eGranary in the country as the field associate of the WiderNet project that is based in UNC of USA.

1.What You Will Learn

This section outlines what the intern will learn during the internship.


  • How to create a long term social media plan and marketing calendar
  • Working with and developing content from the following:
    • Digital curriculum textbooks
    • Digital teacher’s guide
    • Video tutorial by MOE
    • eGranary offline content with more than 30 millions of educational materials.
    • Internet connection,
    • Offline Khan Academy
    • Offline Wikipedia 
    • ESLCE exam of 5 years. 
  • Training on PowerPoint
  • Training on how to extract important webpages from the internet/ or eGranary
  • Training on encoding in different formats to make it ready for LMS.
  • Relationship building with our online community by maintaining Facebook and other media accounts
  • How to create compelling content that will be shared by influencers
  • Etc.

2.Your Responsibilities

This section describes projects or other tasks which the intern will do.

The intern will be engaged in the following:

  • Converting textbook into lessons(introduction, presentation, summary, exercise )
  • Relating video tutorials from different source to the presentation. 
  • Adding simulation to the presentation 
  • Adding related lab or lab video to the presentation. 
  • Recommending reading or reference materials link
  • Adding exercise to the presentation, and quiz at the end of every unit/ chapter.
  • Identifying national exam, that is related to specific presentation and add.
  • Preparing a question bank from a different source for each subject.

If a student/applicant has a specific set of skills or interests, it may be wise to build some flexibility into the responsibilities.

3.Your Qualifications

  • Prefer high school senior or junior college student, but will consider other educational levels
  • Interest in Information Technology, online learning, and education.
  • Excellent written, oral, and communication/presentation skills
  • Excellent Microsoft Office knowledge and Windows and Mac operational skill

4.How To Apply




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