Speed School

The initiative of Speed School

Speed school is initiated by Geneva Global. this initiative is piloted and currently implemented in different regions. the workshop made in Debre Zeit has proved its importance if adopted. based on this initiative we are working in assisting the SS with technology

Speed School Workshop

After participating in a workshop, organized by Ministry of Education and Jeneva Global, at Bishoftu Pyramid Hotel on June 11/2018, we have discussed with a concerned body on how to support the speed school through technology-assisted Education program which is introduced by support education. The discussion and the way forward is to be continued with Geneva Global and organizations working in similar projects.

Supporting the SS (Speed School) Program support


Support Education is dedicated to assisting the education through introducing technology that reduces the digital gap and makes the delivery of educational materials accessible to all.

By considering the speed school program as one of the most effective methods to help an aged student to maintain their difference with their age group in short time, we taking the initiative to help this program through digitizing the curricular educational and supportive materials and make it available for such program. As we are currently identifying the materials and working on the framework for the development, organizations interested in assisting us in this complimentary activity is welcomed.